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About Us

Sharda Children Hospital

Sharda Children HospitalA children's hospital not only provides the unique medical care a child requires, but hospitals that focus solely on paediatrics also attend to their patients emotional needs. A child needs a friend more than just a doctor. Sharda Children Hospital is designed with bright colors, a park themed decor and plenty of areas and opportunities to play. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children. Care for children at the Sharda Children Hospital begins with an initial consultation, followed by establishing a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Dr. Bansal J. Lanukiya not only provide treatment but also education and emotional support for patients and their families. He helps children to understand and cope with hospitalization. The pediatric specialist Dr. Bansal J. Lanukiya at Sharda have devoted their professional career to serving children. In fact, every employee at the Hospital believe that children are special and need to be treated special!
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Giving children the care they deserve.

Preventive Health Care

Help you avoid problems in the future. Nip diseases in the bud before they become catastrophic.

Well Baby Clinic

Deal with the total well-being of children and whose primary object is to safeguard physical health.

Quality childcare

Quality Care for Children to ensure infants and young children to reach their full potential.

Lets Your Child Have Cared Better